How to Beat Unicheck Plagiarism Checker

Beat Unicheck Plagiarism Checker

Unicheck is an online plagiarism checking tool which allows its users either students or tutors, to check their documents and text for any similarity report. It corroborates with the online database of more than 4 billion web pages, journals and content to find out the similarities, citations and references in the files submitted to it.

Initially named as Unplag, Unicheck is a fast checker and is utilized all over the world due to its promptness especially in higher classes for checking student papers and assignments.

 As the world is moving forward with rapid technological advancements, it is also getting easier to imitate the work to get good grades, ultimately leading to plagiarism. Such acts can be caught by smart plagiarism checkers like unicheck. Still with all the credibility and checking, you can still find the ways to beat unicheck plagiarism checker by following the steps given below.

Ways to Beat Unicheck Plagiarism Checker

1. Self-education

Self-study is the best way if you want to know about plagiarism and its rules or how to avoid it. Your instructors can help you in explaining the ways to research and how to write citations or references but learning all this by yourself can help you in great lengths.


2. Research

 While writing for academic purposes, it is really important to research it thoroughly to avoid copying from any unreliable sources provided on the internet. Some of the online content is untrustworthy to add in your paper or research so you need to be vigilant while using the internet as a source of your work. Give your topic a thorough background research before writing about it.


3. Ask a professional

If you are not sure about writing your assignments and projects for yourself, then you can take help from a professional in the field. One of the best services is the writing services provided by an online professional who provides you with high quality and plagiarism free material taking a specific fee from you. The team of qualified writers can deliver your work after writing and editing it so it is not possible for it to come under the radar of plagiarism checkers. All you need to do is to give them a detailed overview of your project or assignment and tell them your requirements, number of words and deadline. They will make your work available on the given date with original content. That’s how you can be marked safe from plagiarism checkers.


4. Paraphrase your work

One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase the text you want to write in your assignments or projects. Like other plagiarism checking tools, unicheck check the structure of the sentence to find out the plagiarism in it, so paraphrasing the text you found relevant to your work is the best option you have. If you find any internet source relative to your work, all you have to do is to read it thoroughly, make sense of it while writing it in your own words. You can use paraphrasing tools if you find it hard to write it in your own words, such tools will help you in changing the words you want to use for your assignment. But you must add the reference of the site from which you have taken the idea for your work, to avoid any plagiarism.


5. Change the format

Changing the format of your assignment from MS word to pdf can save you from getting caught in the plagiarism report. It is one of the best tricks to avoid unicheck because plagiarism checkers cannot work on the pdf format. The second text layer of the pdf won’t allow the plagiarism checker to highlight the plagiarized text, hence saving you and reporting 0% plagiarism.


6. Modify References

To avoid plagiarism you can make up fake, non-existent references or use the unrelated ones rather than searching for the correlated ones for your topic, thus escaping the plagiarism checking as there is no technique for checking the references’ authenticity. You can also modify the references by changing or adding page numbers only.


7. Inserting images and white text

It is hard to detect plagiarism in a text if you add images in it, as it is hard for plagiarism checkers to check text with the image, but you also need to paraphrase your text with it to skip plagiarism. Students also add white color text to escape plagiarism. It adds white colored spaces between words which can hide the plagiarism smartly.


8. Language and letter substitution

Beating unicheck is also possible by taking and interpreting the related material from another language. You can research the material from any other language and translate it to your desired language. This trick is very easy to follow and allows you to skip plagiarism, as plagiarism checkers do not have any system to check it. You can also add alphabets from other languages to avoid plagiarism. Cyrillic letters like o, c, e, can be added in place of English letters which look identical and can avoid plagiarism checkers.

Unicheck vs Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

As we all know that turnitin and unicheck are the best plagiarism checkers in the academic field. They both provide innovation and to the expanding technology and uphold integrity in the academic institutions. They have accelerated in providing new features to their users either students or professionals. But even with all these features, you need to choose any one for your work and few factors can help you choose.



The difference in the subscription of both apps is the major difference between them. Unicheck is most affordable to its users but the packages provided by turnitin are affordable as compared to unicheck, whose features are even free for some European countries.



Students always look out for the ways which provide them with easy and quick results for plagiarism. Writing and waiting for your work to finish so you can check its plagiarism can be troublesome for many. Unicheck has provided the opportunity to its users to check their work side by side, while writing with the help of add-ons on Google doc. So, while waiting to complete your work in a hurry to check plagiarism, you can check it while writing.


But on turnitin you need to complete your document before submitting it for plagiarism.


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Unicheck vs Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is an online tool which checks the text for spelling and grammar mistakes, wrong vocabulary and punctuation in a sentence. It also checks plagiarism in a text. The app comes with a mobile app and browser extension.


Grammarly can check plagiarism in sentences but its major focus is on grammar checking. So in comparison with unicheck, grammarly is less reliable than it.

Similar to unicheck, grammarly has access to the large database of ProQuest including journals and research papers, to check plagiarism. It also highlights the plagiarized text and shows its source on the internet.


Overall, unicheck is far better plagiarism checker than grammarly, which now has AI functionality to detect plagiarism.


Plagiarism is an offense in many countries, leading to serious repercussions. With advancement in technology, students using plagiarized material is a common practice now. To deal with this, academic tutors and professionals use different plagiarism checkers, one of which is unicheck. This online app helps detect plagiarism in students’ papers and assignments.


Still, there are few tricks which can help the students to avoid indication of plagiarism in their documents, few of them are mentioned above.


You can avoid plagiarism simply by paraphrasing the content on websites, translating it from another language, or simply writing any unreal reference. You can also add images or white spaces to avoid plagiarism.


In comparison with turnitin or grammarly, unicheck is far better as it costs less than turnitin and is more reliable than grammarly which is better for writing skills.