Grammarly vs Turnitin: Which is the Best Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly vs Turnitin

If you are a professional tutor or a content writer, who goes through research papers on a daily basis then you already know the role of plagiarism checking in academic writing.


Grammarly and Turnitin are the two very popular grammar and plagiarism checker applications, which allow their users to write mistake free or plagiarism free text.

Grammarly is an online application used to check grammar, spelling mistakes.


Additionally, grammarly also provides you with a plagiarism checker for written text. On the other hand, Turnitin is usually used by academic institutes to check the plagiarism in their students’ papers, to promote academic authenticity. It also provides them with grading.


Grammarly is an online tool which identifies errors in spellings, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and many other grammar mistakes. Grammarly also has many additional features which allows millions of users including business professionals and teachers around the globe to check on their work with its help. It is easy and simple to use, has both basic and paid accounts, with additional features in paid accounts.


Started in 1997, Turnitin was developed as a tool to detect any copied material from any website in your document. It identifies your defected sentences or words and alerts you for it with marking.


People who belong to the field of academics either tutors or students, or freelance content writers find Turnitin as the best tool to detect the plagiarism in their work. It has some add-on features like email reminders and grading tools, but Turnitin does not provide its services for free.

Grammarly Vs Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly’s grammar checker in its efficiency and user interface, is very effective to scan grammar and vocabulary mistakes on almost perfect level. But as a plagiarism checker, extensive database of worldwide web of Turnitin outshine Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. Let’s dive into the facts to know is grammarly plagiarism checker is as good as Turnitin or not?

Grammarly or Turnitin: Which Plagiarism Checker is Better?

Since the launch of Grammarly and its vastly growing popularity among students, many online debates have taken place regarding the effectiveness of plagiarism checker of both online web tools.


The main argument is about the reliability of the plagiarism scan of the both websites. The user interface of Grammarly is not solely based on plagiarism detection web tools, which is why it is possible that plagiarism can get passed through the eyes of Grammarly. But due to its own extensive database and reach to worldwide web, not even a minor word or a number can get pass through the Turnitin checker’s sharp sightedness and ingenuity.


If you upload the same document on both the plagiarism checkers, Grammarly will only be able to detect a portion of plagiarized material percentage while the result shown by Turnitin will be much higher than Grammarly’s detected percentage. Grammarly mainly scans sentences for grammar so a large number of plagiarized material can skip its database. On the other hand, due to extensive resources available, turnitin can easily scan every sentence, words and even numbers and highlight the similarities between texts from two different sites and percentage of plagiarized sentences.


Its credibility, user-friendly interface, and security is the reason that many academic institutes and online website hosts prefer turnitin over any other software. It also allows universities to share their database with it. In this way, turnitin is way ahead of Grammarly.

Is Grammarly Better Than Turnitin?

In terms of checking plagiarism, grammarly is not better than turnitin, as it has far more resources. But if we talk about grammar mistakes and checking then grammarly is no doubt your one go to place.


Now days, grammarly is the best grammar and vocabulary checking software available in the market. It comes with variety of excessive features including plugin for browsers like Firefox and Google chrome, a mobile app etc. But for checking plagiarism, grammarly is in no competition with turnitin. Turnitin is pick of the bunch when it comes for checking plagiarism for academic needs.


It has a wide range of users from academic professors to students, tutors to bloggers.


After exclusively checking the text uploaded with its own database and web, it finds out the similarities between texts and then sets out the end result in color coded parts to show the plagiarized sentences.


Turnitin is a source of billions of research papers already due to universities’ convenience of using this software. But now with the outpouring of websites, turnitin has extended its online library including millions of articles and content websites in it and is constantly growing.


It is now established that both of these tools are on the top of their game with their explicit features. People mostly use grammarly for its impeccable grammar and vocabulary checking capacity to enhance their language skills. And for plagiarism they go for the most trusted turnitin.

Is it Possible for Grammarly to Check Turnitin While Checking Plagiarism?

It is not possible for grammarly to check turnitin while checking plagiarism because it does not have access to the online database of turnitin. For checking plagiarism, grammarly use the database of ProQuest. Even though ProQuest has student papers, journal articles and reach to other online content services which are approx. 16-17 billion in number. Still, it is way beyond the online resources of turnitin which has access to 70 billion web pages and more, and that is why grammarly, being one of important plagiarism checkers is still not a reliable source for plagiarism checking.


The database created and used by turnitin is enormous and limited for its own users. It is inaccessible for other users, due to strict privacy of turnitin. So, grammarly turns towards ProQuest database for its plagiarism checking.

Is it Possible for Grammarly and Turnitin to Affect Each Other?

It is not possible for both of the best plagiarism checkers to affect their authenticity while plagiarism checking. Grammarly plagiarism checking tool does not have access to the index and content of turnitin, which is why it cannot affect it. Same goes for the turnitin, it cannot access the database of grammarly like other web pages.


It is possible to keep a copy of your text on grammarly even after checking its plagiarism but it is not accessible to turnitin or any other plagiarism checker.

Are Plagiarism Checkers Safe?

Either turnitin or grammarly, both are the best and safe plagiarism checkers. Easily accessible is grammarly, which can allow you to check your text before submitting to avoid any plagiarized material in it. The reliability of the grammarly is an issue but still it manages to trace copied material from any site and resolve it instantly.


With growing use of the web around the world, grammarly alone is not enough to ensure indication of plagiarized material, which is why many institutes and tutors prefer the more reliable source like turnitin.

Difference Between Grammarly and Turnitin

The main differences between two of the best plagiarism checking applications are as follows.

  • The online database of turnitin to check plagiarism is much more extensive than grammarly, which also has access to many resources but not as much as turnitin.
  • Grammar checking feature of turnitin is free while turnitin asks permission from administrator for its grammar checking tool.
  • Grammarly provides many of its services free of cost while turnitin does not provide a single service free to its users.
  • Turnitin scans every word, symbol, and letter for plagiarism while grammarly checks only the sentence, that’s why it can cause loopholes while checking, but not a single word can get out of the sight of turnitin database.
  • Reliability score of turnitin is much higher than grammarly but it lacks in providing free grammar checking services to its users.

Final Verdict

Both of these applications are best in services and features they provide to their users, at the end it all comes to the choice and need of the user. If you want to improve your writing skills while running a website or a blog, or while writing a report, grammarly is the best option for you. You can go for the paid version of grammarly if you want your text to be error free of any grammar, punctuation or vocabulary mistakes. It is user friendly with extensive features, and provides you with a good plagiarism checker too.

Turnitin on the other hand does not have any additional features like grammarly but it is unmatchable in plagiarism checking. It provides you with in-depth analysis of your text for you. At the end it is going to be you who has to decide which app is best for you according to your need.