Is Copying Homework Cheating

Is Copying Homework Cheating

Homework is given to students to enhance their time management, accountability, learning and revision skills, and increased memory. But many times, students fail to realize the reason behind homework and they go for the easy way out, i.e. copying someone, which leads to problems for them and their fellows. Furthermore, they could not gain the required skills by skipping the homework.


It is established that copying someone’s homework with or without their permission is no doubt cheating.


First, we will dig deep down about the reasons why some students copy their homework.

Why Do Learners Copy Homework?

One of the most exhausting aspects is cheating, it takes out all the essence of the effort or skills a teacher wants to teach his or her students. In this regard, teachers can do a lot to help the students. Students should also ask their teacher if they are having problems understanding their task.


There are many reasons why students copy their homework.

Reasons Why Students Copy Homework
  • Lack of Confidence

Many students who think that they are not good enough to write or complete their task, often end up copying it from their classmates. They feel that their work is not up to the mark and it will not reach the expectations of their teacher. What a teacher can do in this scenario is to build up confidence in such students by encouraging them to write a few lines by themselves. In this way, confidence can be built up in such students.

  • Time Management

Being overwhelmed with homework is the main reason why many students find it easy to copy from the internet or from their friends. They cannot find enough time to thoroughly think and research about their homework, and they just want to be done with it, so they go for the easy way. Spending a lot of time on playing and outdoor activities is also a reason students end up copying work from others, as their only focus is on games and other activities, which cause them a lot of time and at the end they are unable to complete the task on time.

  • Getting Higher Grades

Some students want to achieve good or higher grades in the class, just to be in the good books of their teacher. Thus, they copy the work from the students who are actually bright. It is common in the below average students in a class.

  • Lack of Interest

Giving boring or repetitive assignments for homework can reduce the interest level of students in completing them on their own. Students will cheat less likely on the topics which look fascinating to them. A writing skill assignment regarding ones’ personality or a science project will be much more exciting than the simple question answers and reduce the risk of cheating.

Is Getting Help on Homework Cheating?

Getting help for your home assignment cannot be considered cheating. There are going to be many topics and words with which you are not aware of. What you can do is to look for the source to help you in this struggle.


You can look up to people for assignment solving tasks regarding any subject or topic. They can be

They can comprehensively guide you according to your topic and help you understand and solve your task.


Group study

You can also form a study group for such tasks, and discuss the topic. A healthy and critical discussion can lead you to find answers for the given task.

How to Get Help for an Assignment?

There are also a few steps with which you can complete your assignment on time.


  • Start Early and Understand

Start your assignment early so you have the time to understand, research and prepare for it. In the end, you don’t have to rush to complete your task if you start early. Before starting it, completely interpret your assignment and understand what’s been asked from you.

  • Research

This is the most critical part of your assignment. Find reliable and authentic information regarding your topic. Related books and material can also help you, if not you can ask any person about it. If the topic is based on writing skills then it is highly recommended to write it by yourself.

  • Plan and Write

Plan how you are going to answer the question given, it will make your task easier. Because you will have a proper structure to follow. Write your first draft according to your outline you have made, and write freely. After completing, revise it and add if you missed any important point. Take a break and then proofread it with a fresh eye.

Can Letting Someone Copy Your Work be Called Cheating?

Letting someone copy your work is cheating no doubt, and it makes you an accomplice too. And if you allow someone to copy their work one time, it is likely that they will ask for it the next time too. They won’t do their work because they know that you are going to help them again.


Helping someone in copying your assignment can cause laziness among your fellows, your classmates can ask for your help again over time.


Another consequence of being an accomplice of cheating is getting bad results from your teachers. Whenever you copy someone’s work or let anyone copy your work, your teacher will know it instantly because your answers will be the same, furthermore, your wrong answers are also going to be the same. This can affect your grades, and will have severe consequences.

Consequences of Copying Assignment

As the world is progressing much on the technological front, checking plagiarism is very easy nowadays. Rules and regulations established by academic institutions are very strict and can cause dire consequences if you get caught.


  • Getting Low Grades

If the instructor gets to know that your work is being copied or if you copied the work, he or she will deduct your marks from the assignment which is going to affect your overall grade. Even though you will pass,  your overall percentage will get down due to it.

  • Failed Term

After recognizing the copied assignment, it is possible that your instructor can fail you in the class and you have to repeat the whole semester or class. Additionally, it will cost you one more year in terms of time and money.

  • Expulsion

Many academic institutes have strict policies regarding copying assignments and they might take the decision to expel you for a shorter period of time or sometimes a whole year. This can adversely affect your academics. You will not be able to cover the syllabus on time and will be behind your class fellows. Catching up with time and syllabus is going to be really difficult for you.

  • Extra Work

It is possible that after looking at your assignment, your instructor might give you another task to complete within a certain time limit. So, complete your given assignment with honesty and commitment to avoid any more punishment.

How Can Teachers Help Avoid Copying Assignments?

There are many tricks and suggestions which can help the students to do their homework with honesty and commitment without copying assignments.


  • Turn Down Pressure

Students mostly copy their homework if they have a long list of work to do only in a day, which makes them overwhelmed. Reduce the number and amount of work assigned to students to make them work honestly.

  • Meaningful and Critical work

Students do not cheat or copy the work which they find interesting. Try to give meaningful work to your students which enhance their critical, writing and analytical skills. Explain to the students how their work will be beneficial for them.

  • Make them Understand

Whenever you give a home assignment to your students, clearly explain it to them and tell them what you expect them to do in the assignment. So that they don’t get confused about the work given and do it with honesty.

  • Tell them Consequences

Tell the students about the consequences they are going to face if they copy their work from someone else. Explain to them that they can face penalties, expulsions and low grades, so that they build up a sense of responsibility in them.

Is Telling Answers to Someone Can Be Called Cheating?

Telling or sharing your answers with others is a form of cheating. If you share your answers with others, they will again ask for your help next time too. It might cost you low grades, and make you accused of copying too. Furthermore, you both can get expelled.

Final Verdict

Copying work from your classmates is cheating from every sense of word. You should avoid it if you don’t want to face the dire consequences.