Is it Wrong to Buy an Essay

Buy an Essay

It is really difficult to write and complete all the assignments due to a lack of time and competition in college. As technological advancements are moving forward, many students try to find online essay writers to complete their assignments. This trend is on rising and more and more students are buying essays from online services. Still, many students are confused about online writing services and have many questions in their minds. Most important of which is it is safe to buy essays online or not? Or is it legal to buy an essay online?

Is it Safe to Buy Essays Online?

It can be said that it is safe to buy essays only from online services. If you order your essay from an authentic online service that has expert and professional writers, then it is completely safe and legit.

Getting a paper or essay from a public space like websites or from some scam service that sells pre-written essays can cause you severe consequences due to its plagiarized content. It is likely that they have copied the material from any site or already sold that essay to many people.

The Legal and Moral Side

Now the question arises whether it is legal to buy an essay online or not. According to law, it is not illegal to buy an essay from an online service as long as they are not copying or plagiarizing someone’s original work. If you choose a reliable and safe service, it will not be easy to trace whether your work is plagiarized or not.

Even though academic institutions have a strict policy regarding copied work and plagiarism, yet, it is impossible for them too to trace the student who has ordered their essay from such service.

It is possible that you have the subject knowledge, you know how to do your assignment but you just don’t have the time to complete it due to some reason. In this way, it is morally not wrong to ask for someone’s help to write it for you. Furthermore, it is also possible that you don’t have command of the language or you might have weak grammar or vocabulary skills, in such situations it is not illegal to ask for help from expert writers. These professional writers might help you in understanding the assignment given to you and solve it. Before giving the assignment to your instructor, you should read and edit it on your own. It would be good for you to add your own thoughts to your topic.

If you don’t want your instructor to know that you have submitted the assignment done by someone else, you need to read and understand it thoroughly by yourself. It is better to be prepared for the instructor’s questions. You should remember its contents and add something by yourself too.

How to Buy an Online Essay Safely?

Nowadays, it is easy to buy an essay online but students need to keep a few rules and steps in their minds to avoid any problem like getting caught.

  • Privacy

It is really important to keep your identity anonymous while contacting such online essay services, to keep yourself and your institution out of any problem. The topics assigned to you by your institute can also trace back the third party to you.

  • Don’t reveal

Students must not share any personal information, information about their institutes, class fellows and courses they have enrolled to any online writer. Additionally, they should avoid sharing any document revealing their institutes and instructors names or any other personal information.

  • Avoid public sources

Technological advances like digital footprint might be able to track your activities and communication with the online essay service. And this can cause you great harm if tracked by any of the management personnel from your institute. You can use various tricks like VPN and masking your location to avoid such tracking and keep your identity anonymous.

Advantages to Using Essay Writing Service

As there are legal and moral questions, still there can be many advantages and reasons to justify essay-buying from online services. A few of the reasons are as follows.

  • Lack of time

A university or college student always feels overwhelmed due to regular classes, projects and assignments. So, it is a possibility that they might not have enough time on their hands to complete the given assignments or essays. They can better spend their time learning material and preparing for exams. And pay someone to do the task for you.

  • Lack of grammar skills

Having grammar and vocabulary issues in writing is common for many students. They do not have the required skill set to complete their task, which is why they are scared of writing their assignments by themselves. So, they hire an experienced writer for their work. That person can do their task with such precision that can get you high marks. This can better your overall grade and make you pass the course with distinction.

So despite some limitations, buying an essay at an affordable price is a better option for many students. If you think you are good at language and at writing essays or you have enough time at your hands to complete your task on time then don’t waste your money on buying an essay.

Can you get caught if you buy an essay online?

If you have an expert and professional essay writer then it is unlikely that you will be caught by your instructor. You just need to take care of a few things when and if you order online essay service.

After receiving your essay, go through it in detail and memorize its key points so that if your professor asks you something from your assignment, you should know about it. If you are not unable to answer his questions, he might suspect you of copying or cheating and that can definitely get you in trouble.

Read and edit the paper as you want, and especially edit the places like your name and authorship section. It will also save you from getting caught.

Some people think that it comes inside the bracket of academic dishonesty but really? This question can have many answers. If you only put up your name on an essay written and researched by someone else, then it can come under academic dishonesty. But if the person only added some recommendations and suggestions in your work, or only edited it or if you just asked the person to give you an outline of the essay given, and you edited it by yourself then it cannot be called dishonesty.

How to Buy and Present an Essay Without Getting Caught?

If you get the rights to the work given by an online service, then it is absolutely safe to buy essays online.

If you order an essay through an online essay service, read it and edit it and present it yourself, then it is not illegal through any sense of definition. But it is illegal if you get someone’s work and present it as yourself. To understand the difference between the two and if you don’t have time and resources to complete your task so you can pay someone to do it for you. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it and are ready to pay for it. You are not stealing someone’s work, you are just asking someone to write it for you because you don’t have enough time or energy to do so and additionally you are paying them for it.

Present the paper as yours, after reading and editing it keenly and thoroughly. If there is any point that was given as a task by the professor and the writer missed it, be sure to add it. So that you can avoid any allegation of plagiarism or cheating.

Final Word

Nowadays, getting online papers is a need and trend for many students who either don’t have enough time or skill on their hands. Still, many students get confused and scared while using their services to complete their assignments. It is legal if you pay someone to do your task as long as you give that work a read and edit it according to your need and requirement.