8 Best Persuasive Writing Tips and Technique

Persuasive Writing Tips

The essay can be written in many formats and the format depends on the topic of your essay. You will have to think a little before writing your essay that what type of essay will be the best to convey your message effectively. Once you think about it, start writing your essay by following a certain essay format. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks of writing a persuasive essay and when you need to write it.

What is a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one where you must convince your audience of the point of view you presented. The purpose is to make your audience agree with your point by providing them enough evidence, discussions, and facts.

When to Write a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay can be written on any topic, it is not necessary that you write it only when your instructor conveys it. For any topic where there is a need to convincing people with your words, you will use persuasive essay writing techniques.

Topics of Persuasive Essay

  • Should students be given homework?
  • Should cellphones be allowed at educational institutes?
  • Is it a good idea to implement dress codes in academic institutes?

All the topics mentioned above are persuasive essay topics, as you will provide your arguments about these topics. You will try to convince your readers of your own point of view about the topic. Let us consider you are writing on the first topic; you will present the pros and cons of giving homework to students then you will back one of these arguments that you think is valid. After providing your point of view, you will back it by providing evidence from other sources. That is how a persuasive essay is written and we will discuss it in further detail below.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

To write a good persuasive essay, you will have to follow a specific format that is quite like other essays. The structure of all the essays varies a little. A good persuasive essay contains enough claims and facts to convince the readers. Following are the steps you need to follow to write a good persuasive essay.

Steps to Write Good Persuasive Essay

Brainstorm the ideas

The first step in writing essays is brainstorming ideas. If you have been assigned the topic for your essay, you will brainstorm the content ideas. You will think about all the main themes you will include in your essay. However, if you have not been assigned a topic, you will first think about the essay topic and then you will brainstorm ideas for your themes.

Prepare Outline

As it is not possible to include all the points in your essay that you have in your mind. The reason for this is that we eventually forget about most of the points at the time of writing. It is not possible to extract everything from the storm of information in your mind. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to prepare an outline. Outlines help you to remember the points you must mention in your essay. Although the outline of all essays is quite similar, they have their own specifics.

Outline of a persuasive essay

The detailed outline of a persuasive essay is as follows.


  • Background information about the topic or issue
  • Two possible sides of the issue
  • Your position in opposition or favor of the topic
  • Thesis statement involving three reasons to justify your position following the same order as they will follow in your essay

Body Paragraph 1

  • The topic sentence about the reason to justify your point
  • Sufficient examples, evidence, and facts from sources
  •  Closing remarks that relate to the topic sentence

All the body paragraphs follow the exact same format. These are usually three in number because three arguments are ideal to convince readers. This essay consists of five paragraphs in total and six in case you decide to include counter arguments.

Counter argument paragraph

  • The argument that opposes your position about the topic
  • Further arguments to justify your point


  • Summing up the whole discussion
  • Closing remarks
  • Concluding statement that closes the discussion

Prepare the first draft

The outline of the essay will further assist you in writing the first draft. The purpose of the first draft is to estimate where you stand, either you have enough information to justify your stance, or you need to pitch in more information. There is no need to write the complete essay in the first draft. You can write your ideas as incomplete sentences; however, you can include thesis statements and topic sentences completely. This first draft will save you a lot of time while writing the final draft, as you will just be completing the information you already have in hand.

Add more arguments

After reading the final draft, you will estimate whether you need further arguments. You can add more points at this time. After this you will be moving to the final draft, so you need to have the maximum information by this point.

Prepare final draft

Preparing the final draft is relatively easier when you already have the first draft prepared, but this needs your extra attention. You will give your essay a final and formal structure by completing the first draft.

Proofread and edit

After completing your essay, you will have to proofread your essay to look for any mistakes. We usually skip the words while reading in mind, so proofreading will help to eliminate any mistakes. Look for all kinds of mistakes in adding punctuation, adding extra words, or eliminating some, not using the right pronouns, or not using the right tense. After proofreading and editing, your essay is ready to be submitted.

Good Persuasive Argument

To structure a good persuasive argument for your topic, the following are some tips to assist you.

  •  You should present your audience with proven facts, so your point will sound more credible.
  •  Show the audience that you are well versed and have researched enough about the topic.
  • Include quotes from experts about the topic, as people are more likely to believe them.
  • If you can add a few examples from personal experiences, it will work too.

The Pros of Writing Persuasively

The pros of writing persuasively are as follows.

  •  The writers learn to communicate their points effectively to others.
  • They learn to present their ideas in a way that convinces people.
  • It enables them to use research on topics to make people agree with them.
  • Convincing people is a great art and persuasive writers know this art best by presenting a clear argument.

Few persuasive writing techniques

Persuasive writing requires your input and effort, but once you learn to convince readers it keeps getting easier for you. You learn the basic art of communicating and convincing. To write your persuasive essays, the following are some tips and tricks to follow.

Pick topic wisely

Pick your topics wisely. People usually pick topics they have no information about, so it becomes difficult to convince your audience. It is challenging to make people agree to your point when you yourself do not have enough information. Pick those topics you know a lot about; this will instinctively structure your claims effectively. Thus, picking your topic is an important step and requires your creativity along with previous knowledge.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is the key to structure effective arguments. You should know right after selecting your topic what kind of audience you will be referring to. After knowing your audience, you will structure your arguments accordingly. For instance, when you are writing about the future, you will instantly know that you are referring to most teens. Hence, you will write in a way that will attract teens.

Hook your audience

Hooking your audience would be a lot easier if you know your audience. You will include the ideas that will attract your audience. As we discussed the gaming future example earlier, teens will instinctively be interested in gaming topics. You should include things in your essay that interest the specific age group your audience belongs to. The hook should be in the beginning, so that your audience is interested from the beginning. This hook can be a question, a fact, or simply a statement.

Know both sides of the argument

An effective tip to write a persuasive essay is to know both arguments. Regardless of the side, you are supporting, you should know both. It will make it easier to justify your stance if you know the opposite one, as you can bring in enough arguments. In short, to make your audience agree with your point you should also know what you are making them disagree with.

Be empathetic

To make your audience change their beliefs, you should try to challenge them emotionally. You should refer to some personal experiences your audience can relate to. It will make them understand your point on a deeper level. In this way, people are more likely to believe you because they can connect to the text.

Rhetorical questions

 Ask rhetorical questions in your text that your reader is inclined to think about. Later, provide answers to these questions in the same text; it will be an effective way of convincing the audience indirectly.

Emphasize your argument

To emphasize your point, you will try to capture your readers’ desirable feelings. You will paint them a vivid picture that will not be true but still help them understand your stance. If you want to convince your audience that a certain shoe brand is not good, you can include a statement like “feels like walking barefoot on the ground”.

Repeat your ideas

Repeating the same point throughout the essay using different techniques is effective. Mention the same point by rephrasing, using metaphors, or other literary devices like ethos, pathos, and logos.


In conclusion, the whole idea of a persuasive essay revolves around convincing your audience. If you follow the structure, tips, and tricks mentioned above; you are good to write a convincing persuasive essay.