Can I Reuse a Paper and Submit in Turnitin

Reuse Paper and Submit in Turnitin

Research papers or assignments are given to students by instructors to enhance their critical and analytical skills, to make them learn and understand better. So when a student submits his work to the instructor, he is basically claiming the authenticity and originality of the work. But some students take a short route towards achieving the goal and plagiarize their work. To tackle such a situation, many institutes and tutors use plagiarism checking tools to check if there’s copied material in the work.

Turnitin is one of the extensively used software by academic institutions due to its credibility and authenticity. It has an extensive database with which it checks the papers submitted to it. So it is almost impossible to skip the accuracy of turnitin.

 Can Turnitin Check or Compare Other Students’ Papers from Previous Years?

It is a strict policy of turnitin to save all the research papers submitted to it for plagiarism. If you don’t want your paper to be saved in the database, you can request turnitin to remove it. Turnitin will remove the paper within two weeks of your request.

So if you are wondering that whether turnitin check other students’ papers from past years, the answer to it is yes, turnitin can and does check and identify the plagiarism of previous papers submitted by other students because every paper or essay which is checked in the turnitin is automatically stored in the archives of the software’s database. So, if you are using an old paper that was already submitted to it, it is a possibility that your work will be flagged as plagiarized.

In the same way, turnitin also compares the text you provide in your paper with the previous papers to check and ensure that the work you have submitted is free of plagiarism. In this way, it can detect if there’s anything being copied or plagiarized in it.

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Can Turnitin Check Previous Submissions?

Turnitin can detect any plagiarism if it is related to any work in its database. Additionally, it can also detect plagiarism in the database which is linked to it or any web pages it has access to. This is due to the fact that turnitin keeps the record of every piece of work submitted to it, and also has records of other databases or web pages that are affiliated with it. So it is really impossible to not detect such software.

Whenever you upload a paper or essay in turnitin, it thoroughly scans it with its database which contains all of the previous submissions and all the other web pages and records it is associated with.

If you are using an old paper and you don’t want to get caught by turnitin, you can have a few tricks up your sleeve to avoid it. The best trick you can do to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase the work to make it untraceable by turnitin. If your paper is smartly paraphrased then it is almost impossible for turnitin to detect any plagiarism. All you have to do is to cite the sources of content.

Another trick you can use is you can use any other authentic plagiarism checking tool, which has less database or which doesn’t have your previous paper in its archive. You can easily get your paper checked by such software. Using such tools can avoid turnitin to check your paper for plagiarism.

Is Using a Previously Submitted Paper Cheating?

Using a previously submitted paper is not cheating under a few conditions. As you know, turnitin detects every previously submitted paper and can identify plagiarism in your paper.

It is possible that you have already written a paper in the past which your tutor has given you the same assignment and you may need that previous paper. But unfortunately, you can’t use it because it is already stored in the archives of turnitin.

The right way to submit an old paper is to paraphrase, quote and cite its content, in this way you will have to rewrite the whole paper. The setting in your essay will be changed by this but the text and theme will be the same. This can trick Turnitin to check your paper as a new one.

The use of inverted commas can also make it easy to write a paper in a new way. Another thing that might ease your work is to use in-text citations so that turnitin cannot identify it as plagiarism.

You can use the above-mentioned tricks to submit your previous paper as a new one without calling it cheating.

How to Avoid Submitting Previously Written Papers?

It is not possible to submit a previously written paper that is already being submitted to turnitin, due to its policy of storing the submitted papers in its database.

To avoid this, you can use the previous papers in a few ways. One, you can change the setting of the text by paraphrasing and citations so that it looks like a new one. But you can only use the paper if the instructions or topic provided by the instructor is the same as your previous paper.

Second, you can use the previous paper as your reference to support your standpoint in the current essay. You can cite it with the required format to support its authenticity.

Using the previously added information can be useful in the new assignment. And you can avoid the detection of turnitin too.

Try not to submit your old paper in the same way, use citations or use a few concepts of it in the new paper, to avoid your paper getting plagiarized in any way.


Turnitin saves each and every paper or assignment in its database when it is submitted in its software for plagiarism checking, so if you need to submit any previous paper to turnitin, it is highly possible that turnitin identifies plagiarism in it. So if you want or need to submit a paper that has already been checked by turnitin, it is not possible. There are only a few ways in which you can use it. You can either use it as a reference or change the previous paper by paraphrasing. It can give a new look to your paper and save you from turnitin’s detection.