5 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Paper Longer

Tips to Make your Paper Longer

If you’re writing a paper and you’ve been searching and writing for what seems like a millennium and have not yet met your instructor’s word limit requirement, you probably feel hopeless. In another sense, you tend to get a bit innovative in order to meet the criterion, whether it’s using multiple fonts and layouts in Word documents or going very fluffy with written explanations. Are you still just a few pages short of the limit? Don’t despair; I have some ideas to aid you to lengthen your paper that you could get on with more necessary stuff.

How Can I Make My Essay Longer?

You can lengthen your essay by including citations, utilizing suitable quotations with transitional phrases, being more comprehensive, or employing a professional to do so for you.

Following tips for making your essay lengthier will work, as your instructor may never know you applied any tactics to lengthen your essay.

Tips for Making Essay Lengthier

  1. Adding Citations: By including citations in your essay, you can simply extend its length. Make sure to include quotes to maximize the word limit. Remember that for citations to really be useful, they must be formatted correctly and based on reliable sources.
  2. Using Quotes: Make appropriate use of quotes if you’re looking for additional words to lengthen your essay. This is really a fair strategy to enhance your number of words without creating the impression that you’re not trying to lengthen your paper. Do not however use too many quotations in your paper. Make sure that the essay flows and integrates smoothly with the quotes, integrating your creative words. Moreover, double-check your formatting and citations.
  3. Using Transitional Words: Using transitional words might extend the length of your essay. A paper with too many transitional words, on the other hand, may seem to be extremely lengthy and repetitive. Then it’s up to you how to be savvy and proofread your work well before submitting it. Transitional words, once utilized appropriately, can increase the usability of your paper. Few transitional words grab your attention within the situation, among others.
  4. Adding Descriptions: You can lengthen your essay by going into deep description around a single concept. For example, if you want to wash your room, being detailed about the places you should concentrate on, as well as the cleaners you need to use. Yet, keep in mind that even if you concentrate too much on a single concept, your essay may appear to be excessively wordy.
  5. Employing a Professional: Employing a professional to compose an essay for you inexpensively is also one of the easiest and most neglected strategies to make your essay appear longer. A professional writer concentrates on providing high-quality work to their customers. As a result, they will spend their time and produce a well-researched essay that reaches its number of words without difficulty. Students try to meet their word limit for two reasons: they begin working on an essay when it is almost done, or if they are unfamiliar with the theme. Students who attempt to lengthen their papers do so at the cost of their content. Even if most of their strategies appear to be perfect, teachers can readily spot them while reading the paper. This isn’t to say that there aren’t legitimate strategies to increase word limit. When writing your essay, the methods listed above will teach you which techniques to utilize and which to avoid. Simple methods such as raising your text size and copying and pasting are no longer effective.

Tricks that no Longer Work in Making your Paper Longer

However, this does not deny the possibility of extending your paper legitimately. But, just to be safe, here are some strategies that you might believe are effective but that you should prevent.

Things to Avoid in Making Paper Longer

  • Avoid Extra Use of Line Spacing: I can’t emphasize this enough: don’t use line spacing to try to make your paper longer. A number of students believe that as teachers, we are incapable of distinguishing between line spacing. The reality is that we can. I’m aware of the distinction between dual and monoline spacing.
  • Increasing Font Sizes: Instructors can distinguish text size in your writings just as they can figure out the difference in line spacing. In MS Word File font size 12in Times New Roman style is the default font among most essays. Students, on the other hand, will attempt to modify fonts by raising them to 12.5 or 13. This may appear to be a brilliant approach, but often instructors can distinguish. Instructors might not even indicate the sort of typeface to be used. Students in this scenario attempt to change them through using larger fonts like Ariel Black as well as assuming that the instructor will accept it. They can speak the truth, though.
  • Extremely Wordy Content: You’ve probably encountered someone who rambles on about the subject, start losing track of the plot. A good story will lose its significance if it contains too many words. Some students presume that by the addition of words in their essay, the number of words will rise. Technically, yes, but a lengthy sentence or paragraph seems boring, and your thoughts may get lost along the way. Some papers have a terrific opening but are tedious to read that entire way. As a result, the thrill fades and the desire to complete the essay diminishes. Students can also make their essays wordier by using difficult words. Though students want to seem intelligent, utilizing sophisticated expressions is not the ideal way to do it. Simple words are considerably easier to understand and interpret.
  • Plagiarizing content from the Internet: Some students continue to copy material from the website, paste it into Microsoft Word, and afterwards present it to be their own. Plagiarism might help you get even more words, but that’s not the best way. Copy/paste is not just a time-consuming method of completing homework but also indicates unethical behavior. Some students believe that submitting material that they had already published is not plagiarized as that is their own content.
  • Excessive use of Quotations: Quotations aren’t unpleasant; on the contrary, they help you get more words on the page. They might make your essay seem as if you spent time researching it. However, I think that most students make the mistake of utilizing too many quotes. If you include too many quotes in your paper, it will appear less personal. You may lose the chance to showcase your personal points of view, which really is irrelevant to the paper’s purpose. The general rule is that you should not include more than 20 percent quotes in your research work.
  • Writing Without an Overview: Although an overview is indeed an important aspect of your essay, many students overlook making one before start working on their tasks. An outline is nothing more than a road map to assist you in writing your paper. It includes ideas that will assist you in determining what areas and subareas to talk about. Someone can detect the difference between a paper prepared with and without an overview. Students might make the error of repeating subjects if they compose an essay without a framework. One may also overlook any of the topics on which they should have emphasized, resulting in a lack of continuity in their writing.
  • Replacing All Pronouns: Sometimes students replace all the pronouns with nouns just in case to make their essay or paper lengthier. But this strategy doesn’t seem good as the content loses its weight due to repetitive nouns.
  • Make your margins bigger: Sometimes students make margins left to right as well as top to bottom which affects the overall presentation of the paper or essay.