Useful Tips to Title an Essay

Useful Tips to Title an Essay

If you are writing an essay, every step will matter for improving the quality of your essay. The title of an essay is the first thing your readers will come across, so it is very important to give a striking title to your essay. People usually do not consider this as an important aspect, so they do not spend much of their time thinking about the title. However, it is very important for writers to think about the title deeply. If you are also clueless about how to assign an extraordinary title to your essay, this article will help you with it. The article will highlight all the useful tricks and tips to follow to decide your essay’s title. Before discussing the topic in detail, we will have a look at what an essay title is and why it is important to assign a title to your essay.

What is an Essay Title?

An essay title is the summary of your essay in a few words. These few words should give your readers an idea about your essay. The title of your essay should be eye-catching to make your audience attracted to your remaining content. 

Why is it Important to Title an Essay?

A title can either elevate the quality of your essay or completely weaken it. It is up to you to make your title as interesting for the audience as possible. This matters a lot to readers how you have titled an essay. The more effort you put in for your title, the more your readers will be interested in reading it. The title gives your audience an estimate of what you have written in your essay, so it also helps them decide if they want to read it or not. 

Showcase your writing skills and creativity in your essay title and make your audience curious. It is very important for all the students to know how to assign a perfect title to their essay. Now, we will discuss all the catchy and useful tips to follow.

Qualities of an Essay Title

Before writing an essay title, you must know the important qualities of an essay title. Learning these qualities will help you keep in mind the important things you must include in your title.

  • Eye-catching

This feature of an essay title is so obvious. None of us will opt to read an essay or article with a boring title because we prefer reading interesting writings. It is very important to make your essay title interesting. The more interesting you will make it for the audience, the more interested they will be in reading your content. 

  • Should include keywords

Your essay title should throw light on the content that your essay covers. This can be possible if you include important keywords in your title. These keywords will answer the readers’ questions like what, why, and where, resulting in attracting a larger audience. Thus, do not forget to add keywords in the title of your essay.

  • Believable

A common mistake that people usually make while writing essay titles is to deliver false information. They want to make their title catchy and attractive but instead result in telling blatant lies which are anything but true. Such titles will not only deliver a false idea but will also make your readers angry, as they have been misguided into reading something unrelated to the title. Always try to include the topics of your essay in the title. This will make your title believable and more attractive to the readers.

  • Easy to read

It becomes so unattractive if you write complicated words in your title. Sometimes, writers and students add unnecessary phrases, unrelated words, and complicated synonyms that make readers less interested in the content. Suppose you are about to read an essay, but you find the title so difficult to understand. It will obviously make you less interested in it. You will be forced to rethink that if you are unable to understand the title then how you will understand the essay.

  • Active voice

Another important factor is to write your essay titles in an active voice. Writing the essay titles in a passive voice makes things unclear for readers. The key to attracting a diverse audience is to use an active voice for titles. For example, instead of writing “Is deforestation caused by industrialization?” you should consider writing “How does industrialization contribute to deforestation?”

  • Brief

It is always advisable to write essay titles that are brief. Long essay titles can be too confusing for your readers and show that you lack skills of concise writing. Always be brief and concise while assigning your essay title.

  • Accurate

Make your essay title accurate by demonstrating the true information. Never try to include topics in titles that you have not included in your essays, as it is equivalent to compromising on the quality of the essay. If you are writing an essay for academic purposes, your instructor will most likely be disappointed by the inaccurate title. Hence, you will score less on your essay. The key to scoring the best in your essay is to give an accurate title to your essay.

Components of Essay Title

If you keep in mind the characteristics of a good essay title, you will be able to write a better essay title. However, there are three components that your essay title must include. These components are explained below in detail.

  • A catchy hook

A good-quality essay title must have a catchy hook that should grab all the attention of the reader. As the title acts as an attention grabber for the essay, similarly there should be some words in your essay to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Must have topic keywords

Topic keywords highlight the topic that is covered in the essay. It basically answers the question “what”. If you include topic keywords in the title, it will make your reader aware of the content covered in the essay.

  • Must have focus keywords

Focus keywords provide more information about the essay. They highlight the time and place that you have reviewed in your essay. These words answer the questions “why” and “where” and make your essay title sound more professional.

Rules of Essay Title

To assign a more professional title to your essay, there are a few rules you should follow. These rules are discussed below in detail.

Rules to Follow While Title an Essay

  • Title each paragraph

Always give titles to each of your paragraphs. If you assign interesting subheadings to all your paragraphs, it will elevate the quality of your essay. It will make everything in your essay look more organized and credible.

  • Must include theme

If you want your essay to be more credible, you should not mislead your readers. The only thing you can do to avoid misleading your readers is to summarize your essay in the title. Write your title in a way that covers the main theme of the essay.

  • Do not be myopic

If your writer has already assigned you the topic, you should use it for the initial research of the topic. Once you have researched and organized your ideas in the essay, you can creatively change the essay title according to your own choice.

  • Capitalize first letters

It is very important to capitalize the first letters of every word in your essay title except for prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, and articles. If you are writing the entire title in capital letters, then capitalize them too. For example, How to Mow a Lawn.

  • Avoid underlining

You should not underline your title, as it is already in bold, and underlining will lead to overemphasizing. Some studies also say that if you are underlining the title then do not bold it.

  • Review the title

Once you have written the title, quickly review it. Look if it is eye-catching to grab the reader’s attention. Look for any mistakes in grammar, pronouns, or spelling. Check if your title is doing justice to your essay. Ensure that your title delivers an accurate and concise message about the essay.

  • Use of colon

Most of the time, essay titles consist of two separate titles. Both are important to include in the title, in such case separate them with a colon.

  • Look for samples

If at any point while tilting your essay, you feel lost; you can look up internet resources to find some catchy titles for the essay. They will help you to write your own perfect essay title, as the samples are always helpful.

How to write essay titles

Write essay first and title at last

When you start writing an essay, you are not sure about the content you will cover in your essay. In such cases, begin with the writing part first. Once you are done writing an essay and you are aware of the content you have included in your essay, you can come up with an interesting headline for your essay.

Use your thesis

As you will create your essay headline, in the end, you can always use your thesis statement to help you. The thesis statement involves everything covered in the essay, so you can further summarize it to form a headline.

Paraphrase a quote

You can never go wrong in taking help from famous quotes while deciding your title. If you are writing something that relates to a famous quote, you can always extract the part of that quote to use in your title.

Note the tone of the essay

You must be considerate of the tone of your essay while assigning the title. Assigning the title would be completely different for descriptive essays and argumentative essays. 

Make it simple

The simpler your essay title will be, the easier it will be for the audience to understand. Avoid using complex sentences in your essay headlines. 

Avoid abbreviations

Never use abbreviations, shorten words, or acronyms for your essay title. As there can be similar abbreviations and acronyms for different words so it can lead to misleading the audience.

Make your title a summary

Your title should be the summary of your essay. It should exactly cover what your essay covers. The more appropriately you will relate your title to the essay, the more credibility your essay will have.

Involve SEO

You can use search engine optimization to collect fragments for your article. If you write the topic on google with the word “quote”, you will get several titles to help you.

Bad vs Good Essay Titles

We have been discussing how to make your title sound good but let us have a look at what bad titles are. Bad titles are usually generalized and incomplete, thus do not deliver the appropriate meaning to the audience. Following are few examples comparing good and bad essay titles for the same topics.

Bad: How technology has changed our world

Good: The Miracles of Technology: A Social History of Uses and Abuses

Bad: The Ara Pacis Augustae 

Good: The Significance of Ara Pacis Augustae to City of Rome

Bad: Gender discrimination 

Good: How gender discrimination has affected the workplaces and society

Mistakes to Avoid While Giving Titles to Your Essay

  • Avoid negative themes especially those that involve immoral, unethical, and sensitive topics. Choosing a topic for your essay matters a lot. Do not talk about unethical stuff.
  • Do not ask the wrong question, as this can lead to selecting the wrong topics. You must be considerate of your field of study while choosing the topics.
  • Avoid being too personal and do not reveal much about yourself.
  • Follow the requirements that your instructor has provided.
  • Avoid an offensive angle because it can make fewer people attracted to your writings.

Examples of Essay Titles

A few examples of essay titles are as follows.

  • North and South Korea: A tale of years of conflict
  • How to become a millionaire without a physical business
  • How to start investments in real estate


In conclusion, titling your essay requires you to consider so many factors. It is important for you to assign a title that attracts your audience. If you follow the tips, techniques, and tricks mentioned above, you are good to title your essay appealing enough for your audience.