What to Write in a College Essay if You Are Boring

What to Write in Collage Essay

Getting admission in a college can be a very exciting and new chapter of your life, but to achieve that you need to go through a lot of dedication, hard work and sometimes disappointment too. College admission process requires a lot of time from you, and writing an admission essay for college is one of the most important yet complex tasks in this process. College admission essays have a major impact on your career and it needs your full commitment, effort and time. Writing a persuasive college essay can make a whole lot of difference at the time of your admission. 


College essays require you to write about yourself in a convincing and precise manner. You don’t need to sound all professional, and skilled for it. All you have to do is be yourself. College Admission Committees have read many essays over years, so you need to write an essay which they remember you by. You need to sound simple, not smart. Instead of impressing them with something you don’t have interest in, write about things which have a meaning for you. Be honest, and candid and they will see right through your qualities. They are simply looking for motivated and passionate students, give them one. And if you think you don’t have any unique qualities, you have to dig deep in your personality because every human being has some distinctive skill.


If you think that you are boring and nothing exciting has happened in your life, then you can use the following guidelines to write your college essay.

Start writing a draft

Start with writing a simple draft, you will have time on your hands to proofread and edit it. Write and set it aside for a few days. After a few days you might see if there is any glitch in the essay or if you want to add or change anything. Role play like an admission officer, and ask yourself if the essay is your true self or voice? Is it interesting? Is it logical enough? 

Take help from someone

Writing an essay can be a hectic job, and it can get your mind muddled. To avoid it, get help from a close one whether a friend, relative or a school teacher. Make them read your draft and ask for an honest opinion. Make sure your essay is void of any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes. They can also jolt down your qualities for you to use them in your essay, which you can also include in it.

Be honest

While writing, you can write up many qualities about yourself, still being low on self-confidence. Don’t do this while writing your essay. Your life experiences shape up your life and future, be honest while writing about yourself.  Writing a lot of super qualities can make your essay unbelievable to your reader. Write about your own experiences, whether significant or not. Your reader will read more if he finds you honest, and not too obvious or over the top.

Write about yourself

If you think you are boring, and nothing special or extraordinary has happened to you or in your life, then you need to sit down and think about your life once again. You need to take account of your abilities, skills and details so you can add it in your essay. 

The things which seem normal to you in your daily life, might be the things which seem special or unique to your near ones. You live with these abilities everyday so it is difficult to identify them by yourself. You need to do a simple exercise for it.

Take a paper and ask yourself a few questions. What things are you good at? Is it cooking, painting, writing, playing a sport or anything? Have you travelled somewhere? How committed or passionate are you about life? You will be able to find any special quality in answers. Write it in your essay. You can also find your special skill by using the same technique. You can have anyone with such skills like communication or business management skills, research or time management etc. If you achieved something while using these skills, include it in your essay. 

Your interests and motivation

Writing about your interests and skills is a vital part of your essay and you need to focus on this while writing. Make an Admission committee to see you as a potential addition. Talk about your grades, your interest in extracurricular activities and being passionate about your future at their institute. 

Make your reader understand

Only a strong and persuasive essay can make your reader understand you or for you to stand out in thousands of applicants. So you need to write about something which your reader can relate too. Write about something that is important for you, or has left an impression or long lasting impact on you, whether it’s a book, a life experience or a person. Give them details of what you learned from the experience and how it has changed you or your life. Whether you won a game, have been in an accident or came out stronger or whether you achieved a certification. There is a special reason you want admission in college. Is it a dream of your parents or had they attended the same college? What values have they taught you and what importance do you have for them? All this information will make them understand you in a deep manner. 

What Should You Never Write About in Your Admission Essay?

Common pitfalls you need to avoid while writing an admission are as follows. 


Your admission essay is not about the author you quoted, but it is only about you. Make it your own. Writing such quotations might give an idea to the reader that whether you have run out of ideas or you just cannot write or know much about yourself. Quoting someone else’s words only makes you look unauthentic with inadequate writing skills, so avoid it.  

Repeated academic accomplishments

Don’t dull your essay by adding your academic or extracurricular achievements in it. They are already attached with your application. Write about yourself and how you can be a potential member of their college? How will you work as a team member? Make your essay interesting so the reader cannot stop reading it till the end. 

Be unique and real

Never write an essay while thinking about a perfect student and what qualities the perfect student can have? Besides, write about only you, the real you, not about what you should be. Try not to show your essay to many people, the editing you do based on their opinions might change the core of your unique voice in the essay and at the end it will be not about you but about a whole another person, which is not you. Uniqueness and truth takes you a long way. So don’t sound like everybody else.

Don’t write about a topic

You are not writing an essay for your English literature class. Admission essay is solely based on your experiences and qualities. So don’t bore or demotivate your reader. Focus on your capabilities and write reasons why you want to join their institute instead?

Write actions, not thoughts

Write about how your experiences have changed your actions. Don’t indulge in your thoughts. The big world changing ideas in your thoughts are of no use. Write what you did with the idea and how it changed your real life?

Politics or religion

Being controversial or splitting topics, try not to write about them in your essay. Something you write can hurt the personal or religious sentiments of your readers. 

How to Write a Personal Statement if You Are Boring?

A personal statement is an essential part of a college application. It is your chance to convince the admission committee to choose you as a student of their institution. So your personal statement needs to be really strong and convincing. If you think you ran out of ideas to write it, below are a few tips to write your personal statement.

Write a strong introduction

Starting your statement with your introduction is cliché. Write an introduction that grabs the attention of your reader from the first sentence. You can either start with something funny or with some life-altering experience. Either way, don’t try to force it. It will come to you at the right moment. Wait for it. 

Make it about yourself

It is your personal statement, so it should be a reflection of you and your personality. Write about your values, skills and experiences. Practice writing a few drafts before writing a final one. Don’t write it according to someone else or some fixed pattern or rules. You can share something personal to relate it to your reader. Just make it all about yourself.

Don’t repeat what is already in the application

Do not include the information which is already mentioned in the college essay or application. By repeating it in the personal statement, you only bore the reader by repeating the facts. Instead, write personal information about yourself. 

Focus on your strengths

You are trying to persuade the college to pick you among thousands of applicants with your words. You need to focus and write about your experiences, skills, knowledge and future endeavors. Don’t mention or write about the areas in which you are not good or weak. Avoid talking about your weaknesses. 

Don’t rush

It is not possible to write a personal statement in an hour or a day. It might take even months, so do not get frustrated with the whole process. Take a break for a few days, if you feel overwhelmed and come back with a new passion.


Writing a college essay or personal statement is a time taking and tough task, but it is not impossible. 

Write it ahead of time, re-read, edit if necessary and be true while writing it. Good Luck.