Can you Write 3 Essays in One Day? Tips to Write Many Essays in a Day

Write 3 Essays in One Day

Sometimes you come across a situation in your life where you just get stuck and the last thing you know is the deadline of your college essay, not one, not two but three. It is possible that you had every intention of doing it with a proper plan and time, you wanted to do it with peace and thorough research but things don’t always work your way in life. It may happen that you might lose your work in a window crash or you already have too much on your plate. Whatever the reason is, eventually you have to complete the essay to meet the deadline.

How Many Essays Can you Do in One Day?

If you have a lot of pending essays or assignments which are due in one day then you might wonder what to do in this situation, or will it be possible to write a few essays in a day. The answer to this question is that yes, you can write a few essays like 2 or 3 in a day. The reason is as the structure of an essay is much less complicated than a research paper, it is possible to do 2 to 3 essays in a day if you can manage your time smartly. More than 3 essays will not be possible for you to write within a day.

So if you need to do a few essays in a day, a few tips might help you write many essays in a day or even if you have to write a 3 page paper and you only have a few hours left.

Writing a few essays in a day is tough but it is possible if you carefully plan your day. A few tips which you can use to write many essays in less time are as follows.

Tips to Write Many Essays

  • Brace Yourself

If you have a deadline the next day and much work to write, it is likely to panic and move around in circles but it will get you nowhere. You got yourself into a bad situation but you are likely to get out of it if you plan smartly and set your mind towards it. So get rid of your anxiety and panic thoughts and get right to it.

  • Stock up and Divide Time

Before starting your essay, you need to think about how much time you’ve got at your hands to complete your essays, you need to take some time out and rest during your work and you also need to eat so divide your time according to time you will need to complete your essays and for other chores. You also need to divide the time while writing an essay as there are different parts of an essay which need more time than others, so divide the time between the introduction, main body and conclusion. You will know how much or less time you will need for adjustment.

  • Avoid Distractions

The most important thing to avoid distracting yourself is to turn off your mobile phone and if not possible, then mute the notifications. This can save up a lot of your time as there is a high possibility that you will distract yourself from social media. And if you live with your mates or family, ask them to not disturb you for a day or not distract you with anything. Use study tips to avoid distractions or use any online tool to block social media sites for a few hours.

  • Take a Break and Eat well

Skipping meals while completing your urgent essays is a common practice and it can be harmful for your health. You need to eat so that your blood sugar doesn’t drop which might cause you to faint. Take short breaks during your work and have some snacks and coffee to boost up your energy levels.

  • Lay the Groundwork of your Essay

Once you are done with gathering your gadgets, notes and you found a quiet place to sit, now you need to start writing. You need to follow some rules to complete your essay within time.

While starting, you need to understand the essay topic. There’s no need to rush it if you have a short time on your hands. If you carefully read and understand what your instructor has asked you to do, you will only need less time to complete it. Critically read the question so you don’t miss any vital details and then start writing it.

Find relatable information according to your topic. Use the internet or any other source and highlight the parts which you want to mention in your essay.

Lay an outline of your essay in which you cover all the ground asked by your teacher. Then start spreading it under different headings like main text, introduction, references and conclusion. You can add citations in this stage too.

Write the main text of your essay first and go for the introduction and conclusion in the end, as your main body compliments the introduction and conclusion of your essay. As you already know the topic and its details, it is easy for you to write a solid introduction at the end including the core points.

Complete your reference list while you are writing your essay, to avoid any problem while searching for it in the end. Write a bibliography along, while writing your essay.

In all the hassle of completing your essays, don’t try to copy them from any internet source or any other paper. Otherwise, after giving much of your energy and time to it, you can get your essay or assignment cancelled due to plagiarism.

Final word

Completing your assignments, paper or multiple essays in a day seems like an impossible task but it is possible if you follow some tips. Find a quiet place, get some snacks, turn off your mobile to avoid distractions and divide your time between different portions of your essay and research paper. While writing your essay or paper, split your time between different parts of the essay, write the introduction and conclusion in the end and mention your reference vigilantly and alongside your essay.