How to Write Dissertation Acknowledgments

Write Dissertation Acknowledgments

Acknowledgments are a way to thank all those who helped you in your journey of writing your lifetime piece of academic research work. Without professional guidance, it would have been impossible for you and the same is the case with moral support. Your family and friends not just support you but also wish you the best and pray for you. So this one-page acknowledgment is a great opportunity to thank them all.


The acknowledgments page can be divided into two categories one is professional and the second is personal. And the page containing acknowledgments is placed between the page of title and the page of abstract. As this page is a kind of personal page in your academic work, it can be written in an informal style, you can also use the first-person pronouns in the page of acknowledgments to make your tone personal and informal.

Professional Acknowledgments

Professional acknowledgments include your supervisor, funders, professors, colleagues, librarians, editors, participants


Your supervisor is the person who is ultimately responsible to guide you at every step of your research and without whose guidance your research work must have been not in the right direction. So you must thank your supervisor for his or her guidance.


Sometimes any funding body sponsors a researcher to complete his or her research work. Because doing research also involves investments you may need to travel somewhere to collect data, to conduct an interview, to pay any participant of research, the printing of research drafts, binding copies, etc. so if you have got any sponsor or funding body you must mention and thank them.


Your teachers are your ultimate lighthouses who guide you. May your one professor have helped and guided you through the process of research. Some have told you about referencing and citing in text, some have helped you clear your theoretical background. So if anyway you got any guidance from your professor/s you must thank.


Your colleagues can help you in many ways. You may get someone who helps you in the process of data collection or at any stage of conducting research, so if any contributed in any way you must thank them.


You keep on running to the library to consult other thesis and academic dissertations for reference and to learn how you should be doing it. Also, the library is the most peaceful place to read and write and conduct research. So this is how your librarian also deserves a thank you if the librarian has supported you throughout your work.


Sometimes you ask for some professional proofreading and editing. These professionals can help you with grammar, the structure of the thesis, and writing skills. So if someone has done it for you, you must have acknowledged and thanked him or her.


Participants are those who were part of your interview, or who have filled the questionnaires of your survey, etc. so thank them for their time.

Personal Acknowledgments

Personal acknowledgments call to thank our family and friends.


Family is often taken for granted. We never think of thanking them. But they deserve a huge thank you. Their moral support matters a lot. We often feel down and need some kind of moral support there comes the importance of family. They are always by our side motivating us and giving us all kinds of support. So they need a big thanks.


Your friends are also your support system. If some friend has inspired, you and supporting you in carrying out your research never forget to mention him or her.

What to Write in the Section of Acknowledgment?

First of all, you need to check the guidelines of your university. Then you do not have to mention each and everyone but you must mention those who have supported you directly during the course of your research work. Sometimes you may only need to thank the person in simple words. But for some, you may need to go deep and mention how someone has helped you exactly.


Secondly, there are no hard and fast rules unless mentioned by the respective university. But generally, professional acknowledgments often come first unless you are dedicating it to someone. Because sometimes researchers dedicate their work to a deceased member of the family, or a living person, in that case, dedication should come before the professional acknowledgments.


Thirdly, use correct spellings, names, and designation of the person you are thanking. If you want to mention any organization or group mention their title only, no need to take the names of several members individually. And if someone wants his or her name to be off the record then you must respect the privacy. Do not use his or her name in any case and use a generic term instead for example an interviewee said, a participant told, etc., and remember to thank everyone on one page only. This page should not exceed the one-page limit. Single page space is enough to thank all.


During carrying out research many people have helped and supported me. First of all, my supervisor, assistant professor XYZ deserves to be acknowledged and thank for his or her expert advice in carefully drafting my research questions and giving my research a higher level. My colleagues Dr. XYZ and other class fellows have also contributed to my research through their valuable time and guidance. My family’s sympathy, well wishes, and support can never be thanked enough. Thank you all my family members for being on my side always. Finally, my friend Mr. XYZ thank you for listening to all my troubles and giving me motivation.