Tips and Tricks to Write Exemplification Essay

Tricks to Write Exemplification Essay

Essay writing has many different types. The kind of essay type you pick to write on depends on the topic of your choice. The topic of the essay clearly shows its requirements, so you can analyze which essay type would be best for such a topic. An exemplification essay is also a common type of essay writing. 

People usually get confused when it comes to writing an exemplification essay. The concept of writing an exemplification essay is quite simple, it just involves a lot of examples. The name itself shows that the essay is linked and structured using examples. If you also want to write an exemplification essay but are confused about where to begin. The following is a complete guide for beginners involving tips and steps to structuring an effective exemplification essay.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

As the name shows, an exemplification essay is basically an analytical or argumentative essay in which the writer proves the claim using examples. Usually, in argumentative and analytical essays, the writer proves the claim using research, evidence, facts, statistics, and examples. The focus of an exemplification essay is proving everything with examples, so you must include lots of examples in your essay relevant to the claim you made. Examples should be convincing enough to make the readers agree with your argument. 

Now, we have an idea of what an exemplification essay is. The next step for you is to select a good topic. We will discuss some tips to select a good topic and a few examples of exemplification essay topics. 

How to Choose a Topic for an Exemplification Essay?

This step is for the cases where you are not already assigned a topic and must select one. The tips to choose a good exemplification essay topic are as follows

  • You will select the topic for your essay by beginning the research about your interests. It is always better to write about something that interests you. You will have a lot of knowledge about this topic, and you will justify it using any means. This will make your research and argument effective. There are no restrictions on the topic, so you can choose any topic you want.
  • You should have enough sources to write about a topic. Before fully committing to a topic, you should research and think if the sources are enough to format an effective essay. If so, you can begin writing on that topic.
  • Although you can choose your interests for exemplification essay topics, you should not choose something that does not involve examples. For instance, if you are interested in football, you cannot explain a football match in an exemplification essay.
  • A good technique is to select a topic that is related to your field of study. If you are a biology student, you can pick some topics related to biology. In this way, you will already be well versed in that topic.
  • Do not write about a topic you have no interest in, as it will require hours of research and will eventually lead to boredom. You will lose interest in writing on that topic, and it will also break the flow of writing. You will not be able to present your ideas in a logical flow. 

Topics of Exemplification Essay

As we have already discussed, the topics of the exemplification essay are so diverse. You can write about anything. People usually have questions like what a good topic for an exemplification essay is. To answer this query, the following is a list of exemplification essay topics. You can always consider this list before deciding your own topic. 

What is amazon’s impact on the business?

Are welfare payments good or bad for society?

Is it inhumane to test products on animals?

Are young people more inclined to smoking?

What are the positive impacts of social media on kids?

You can notice that the topics are like argumentative essay topics. The difference is you will justify your claims with examples in an exemplification essay.

Steps to Write an Exemplification Essay

The basic steps of writing an exemplification essay are like all other essays with variations in a few steps. The following is a detailed analysis of all the steps you should follow to write an exemplification essay.

Steps to Write Exemplification Essay

Choose a topic

The first step in writing an exemplification essay is choosing a topic. You will follow the above-mentioned guide to choose the topic for your essay. Always pick something of your interest so you will have more content to write about it. Think of as many topics as you can and then select the best one. Your topic should have the following characteristics.

  1. It should be unique
  2. It should be specific
  3. It should be on something current
  4. It should be useful for the readers

Brainstorm ideas

You should brainstorm ideas about the selected topic. Brainstorming helps in gathering thoughts about the topic. Take a walk and develop a perspective about the topic. You usually have a storm of ideas in your brain, and you need to gather them in one place to later extract them. 

Provide research

Research is so important for an exemplification essay. The more you research, the more examples you will have to prove your point. You should never use Wikipedia as a source of getting information as it is not reliable at all. You should rely on more trusted websites, educational sites, newspapers, and articles to extract information. You should keep the links to these sources, as you will have to cite them later using APA, MLA, Chicago, or any preferable format.

Choose appropriate examples

You should always mention examples that are appropriate or related to the topic you are discussing. Let us consider that you are writing an exemplification essay on the topic of Leadership. It would be appropriate to mention the leadership styles of a person. You will not discuss the qualities of that person which are not related to leadership. 

Create outline

It is always advisable to create an outline for your essay. It helps to gather all the ideas and thoughts in one place. You should not write the outline as complete sentences. You can write thesis statements and topic sentences, as they form the basis for the content of your essay. It is not possible to write your thoughts directly in the final draft unless you have a structure to follow. 

Final draft

Once you have an outline to follow, you can start working on your final draft. You will write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You will be completing your sentences that were incomplete in the outline. You will explain all the bullets you created for your help in the outline. In short, you have the content at hand to write but you will have to explain it. 

Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing are usually considered the last step in essay writing. Once you are done writing the final draft, you will read it aloud to point out any mistakes. We usually skip some words in writing while reading them in our mind or write some words repeatedly by mistake. All such errors are removed in proofreading. It also helps in pointing out any errors in grammar, punctuation, pronouns, and spelling. You can even add more points while editing only if you think that there is something lacking in your essay.

Get feedback

You should get feedback from peers and instructors. Feedbacks will help you eliminate any errors that you were unable to point out. Getting feedback from another person’s perspective is important too.

Structure of Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essay also follows the basic format like all other essay types: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The detailed structure of the exemplification essay is as follows.

Opening of essay

The opening of the essay starts with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. This hook can be a quote, anecdote, or question. You will also explain the background of the topic in the same paragraph. At the end of this paragraph, you will write a strong thesis statement. This thesis statement will follow the same format of ideas as followed in the body of the essay. You should write a catchy introduction because your readers will decide after reading the introduction whether they want to read your essay or not. 

Body of essay

The body should contain clear arguments, examples, and evidence to support your claims. The focus of an exemplification essay is examples, so you should focus on examples. Try to justify your stance using examples from different occasions and sources. The number of body paragraphs can vary but the ideal number is three. Three paragraphs are adequate to prove your stance to the ideas. It is not advisable to involve so many body paragraphs, as it can lead to arguments that are not coherent with the topic or thesis statement. Once you know your audience, you can start your first body paragraph with the most interesting argument to further attract your audience to read till the end.

Conclusion of essay

The concluding paragraph should give a sense of completeness to your essay. It should restate the thesis statement and end all the arguments. It is not advisable to open further discussions in the conclusion. You should summarize all the main points of your essay. This is the last chance to strengthen your thesis statement, so you should involve points from your introductory paragraph. End your essay with a concluding statement stating the significance of the topic for the audience. 

Outline of Essay

The outline of the exemplification essay is as follows.

Exemplification Essay Outline

A Few Useful Tips

If you follow all the steps, you will be able to structure a good exemplification essay. Following are a few extra tips to help you.

Choose your interests

It is always better to write about something that interests you. It will not only give you more room for discussion but also help you build strong arguments. Every person loves to justify something in which they are interested. Similarly, you will gather sources, claims, and examples to justify your stance about your interest. You will also have a lot of information to write on such topics.

Avoid being personal

Although it is a good idea to write about a topic of your own interest, you should avoid being personal while writing. It is not a good idea to involve your personal experience or opinion about the topic. Deal with the topic professionally and add non-opinionated points to make it credible.

Avoid one-sided argument

It is a bad idea to write on something that only has one argument. If you involve only a one-sided argument in your essay, it will be biased and will score you lower grades. The essay topics that have only one argument are not exemplification essay topics. Always look for topics that have two sides to the argument, so you can discuss both and then justify with examples.  


You should pick a topic with two arguments so you can explain them both. It is not correct to pick sides and then defend one of the two arguments. This will lead to a biased discussion. To avoid biased factors, you should explain both arguments with examples and then mention their outcomes individually. 


In conclusion, exemplification essays are not difficult to write. They require special attention, as the arguments should be justified with examples. You need to do adequate research to write a credible essay. This article has highlighted all the possible confusions about the exemplification essay and tried to answer them. If you follow all the above-mentioned steps and tips, you are good to write an effective exemplification essay.