How to Write Movie Titles in Your Essays Properly

How to Write Movie Title in Essay

Have you ever used movie titles as a source of inspiration? All media students may relate to the situation in which they have had to write an essay on a specific film for at least one course, where cinema analysis seems to be a clear and easy composing process, but its rules and procedures generate confusing prospects. 

In addition, students from different fields of study, other than media studies, can connect to the circumstance in which you must draft a title for a movie in your essay. For example, whether you’re writing a sentence outline on your experience going to the cinema or narration about the best film of the year. So, how are you struggling to catch up with a title? We will help you with that. Although it’s hard to remember all of the formatting rules for each writing style.  It might just be a game of minutes! Yes, it will only take you a few minutes to learn the different aspects of writing movie titles in essays.

Writing essays requires the use of a variety of materials, ranging from textbooks to TV advertising to personal interviews. As a result of this multiplicity, greater creativity is possible, but it also leads to confusion. What is the best way to describe a Video clip? Do you write with movie titles outlined? When you name a film, do you make a list of every producer and actor? There are academic rules for every case. We’ll know how to better write a movie title in an essay when it’s described in this post.

We’re all aware that there are a variety of academic writing styles that can be used to create an essay. Each style has a few specific needs, so we must pay close attention to all of them in order to grasp the guidelines for writing movie titles in an essay. So, let’s get started!

Common Guidelines for Writing Movie Titles

On a larger scale, there are a few standard approaches to writing movie titles in an essay. For example, to emphasize the title’s name, uppercase the initial letter of the movie and italicize the font. Another great writing approach is to use good sentence construction, as you can write ‘we watched two movies in a sequence; The Wonder Woman and The Great Gatsby.’ Using quote marks or an underlining tool, on the other hand, could be a viable option.

You will also need to cite a movie title in your text, either for a Movie Studies class or simply to attribute a popular movie quote. How do you effectively compose a movie title in an essay? The simple rule of thumb when it refers to inserting a title in the body of an essay is to write the title of the entire project in italics but any part of the total in quotation marks. As a result, the title of the movie will be italicized, but the title of the scene or DVD chapter will be put in quotation marks, such as the Titanic film. The title of the show will be italicized, whereas the title of an episode within it should be included in quotation marks, like the Lost TV series, but the “Numbers” episode. Keep in mind these two basic rules:

Rule 1: The first and last letters of any title, such as a book, song, or movie, are always capitalized. So, both “Forrest” and “Gump” are capitalized in the film title “Forrest Gump.” Rule 2: Capitalize nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs in each style.

In Chicago, APA, MLA & Harvard Style

Harvard, Chicago, and MLA all use comparable methods for quoting movie titles. Take the following guidelines when writing your paper in one of these 3 types.

  • The title of the movie must be written in italics. You should retain it curvy-italicized if you are writing it in the body paragraph or other sections of your essay.
  • All verbs, proper nouns, pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives should have their first letter capitalized. But avoid putting this criterion to articles, prepositions, and conjunctions, even if they exist in the movie’s title.
  • In APA style, if a term has more than four letters, it is important to capitalize each letter of the word.
  • In APA style, only the starting letter of the title is capitalized in the reference section; do not let your themes overlap between the reference list and the body paragraphs. 

What is the MLA Essay Format?

The MLA Handbook is a source of inspiration for MLA; it stands for Modern Language Association.   The handbook’s latest version focuses exclusively on how to cite sources. A related website provides solutions to questions about writing. Students who write papers on literature and related subjects such as theater or movies use the MLA format.

Basics of MLA Paper Formatting:

  • Use white paper with an 8 12 x 11” size.
  • Make 1-inch margins on all edges, top, and bottom.
  • Every paragraph of the article’s initial word must be spaced one-half inch.
  • Set quotations one inch from the left margin with a one-inch gap.
  • Use a simple typeface like Times New Roman to make it easier to read and understand.
  • Use a 12-point font.

MLA Format

Students who write papers on literature and allied subjects such as theater or movies follow the MLA format. The movie title should be italicized and accompanied by a period in the citation. If the movie is translated in English or doesn’t have an English title, start with the original title, and then put the translated title in square brackets. If the source is self-contained and autonomous, italicize the title. Italicize the titles of books, plays, films, journals, archives, and websites. If the text is part of a larger work, keep the name in quotation marks. In quotation marks, you’ll find an article, essays, chapters, poetry, blogs, songs, and speeches. Reference titles in MLA format are italicized or enclosed in quotation marks:

  • Italicize a self-contained whole’s title (e.g., a book, Movie, Journal, or website).

How to Cite a Movie in MLA Format?

Include the name of the movie, the director, any other significant participants, the production or distribution company, and the year of release in your MLA citation. You should also specify the version of a film if there are different versions. Add the name of the website or app (e.g. “Netflix app”) to cite a movie from Netflix or other online streaming services)/application.  Add the name of the website, the user, the uploader, the date of upload, and the URL if you watched the film on an unauthorized website or streaming server like YouTube.

What is APA Format?

The American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual is the basis for APA style. The APA manual focuses on citation style and writing style. Because its core audience consists of students and professionals who write or edit in the social and behavioral sciences, the textbook focuses on writing about data and providing quantitative and qualitative results in tables and figures.

        Basics of APA Formatting:

  • On standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)
  • On standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)
  • You should select a legible typeface that is easy to read. 
  • The APA advises that you use a 12 point Times New Roman font.

In APA Style, How Do You Cite a Movie?

In APA Style, the director(s) of a movie must be listed as the author, and the production company should be listed as the publisher. The title is italicized and put in sentence case, followed by the label “Film or Movie” in square brackets.

  • The director’s last name and the year are also included in the in-text citation.
  • Use a timeframe to take the viewer to the relevant part of the movie if you’re referring to a particular instance or scene. 

APA Format

The Associated Press Stylebook is the basis for AP style. More than half of the AP Stylebook is composed of glossaries that teach how and when to use suggested spellings and abbreviations, as well as how to choose the correct term (and avoid using the wrong one) for a particular scenario. The book is reviewed and updated frequently because journalists and many other people who work with news and current events rely on it. 

As mentioned, it is a different style that is used especially for press releases or papers written for public relations, and it, like other scientific styles, has some limitations. The limitations and barriers of formatting a paper are the same as for other scientific styles. There are some writing rules in AP style as well. Regardless of the fact that AP style is simple, there really is no such list of dos and don’ts.

  • Start with the title of the movie and the quotation marks.
  • Capitalize the initial letter of the very first word.
  • One of the differences in AP style is that the initial letter of the first word must be capitalized. The first letter of the last word, too, should be capitalized. 

Associated Press Style- Movie titles are enclosed in quotations in AP style. It’s important to note that the general principles for quotes within quotes remain in effect. Consider the following two examples.

When it was first released, “Titanic” broke box office records.

“Any film as amazing as ‘The Great Gatsby,’ I am delighted to work on,”

For movie titles, the AP style allows for title case capitalization. The AP stylebook, on the other hand, requires that any word with four or more letters, and also the first and last words of a title, be capitalized.

Bottom Line

Along with all the tips and techniques for quoting a movie title in your essays, take into consideration a few other writing aspects. It’s not just how you quote your titles that matters; it’s also what scenario you’re implying.

Take a look at the following rules before you begin writing essays. 

  • If it’s necessary for you to use the specified title, please ensure you have thoroughly studied it. It’s risky to walk around on the floor blindfolded!
  • Take careful note of your teacher’s criteria, such as the writing style you must use, the questions you must answer, and the tone of consistency in which you should write your essay.
  • Proofreading should really be a must-do task for you. Many times, students continue to disappoint the audience simply because they make a few common mistakes. Proofread until your paper is flawless in appearance and feel.

How to Write a Title of a Movie in a Paper

The style guide you’re following for your paper will determine how a movie title is written and capitalized. Movie titles are italicized in the Modern Language Association (MLS), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago styles, whereas the Associated Press style utilizes quotations for such titles. All of the key style guidelines utilize title case when referring to a movie in the text of a document or paper, which indicates that all of the primary words in the title are capitalized. 

So now are you ready to begin with enthusiasm? We’ve covered everything that you need to know, from formatting rules and regulations to writing guidelines. Let’s get started on your task with the help of the mentioned rules.