Writing a Process Essay (Tips and Details)

How to Write Process Essay

Essay writing comes in diverse forms, each of these forms has its own process, method, and techniques. They are increasingly being used for academic purposes, content writing, and blog posting, etc. To write an essay, it is very important for the writer to be aware of the structure, format, and process of essay writing. This will make essay writing easier for the writer and help them write an organized essay. 

A process essay is one of the types of essay writing. These essays are playing their role in different fields to explain any kind of procedure. If you also want to write a quality process essay but are unaware of the basic structure of the essay, then this article will solve it for you. This article will highlight all important aspects of the process essay and answer all your queries. Before diving into the depth of the topic, we will have a look at what a process essay is.

What is a Process Essay?

A process essay is the type of essay in which you explain the step-by-step procedure to the reader. You describe to your reader how you have carried a certain experiment or how you have reached a goal. These are the traditional essays and are being used in explaining the labs’ experiment.

Topics of Process Essay

Topics of a process essay are so diverse, as they can range from household tasks to social issues and academic topics. Following are a few examples of topics that come under the process essay.

Household task’s topics

  • How to mow a lawn
  • How to maintain hardwood floors
  • How to install a garbage disposal

Social topics

  • How can we prevent the spread of noise pollution??
  • How does a government implement a new law?
  • How to resolve arguments with peers

Academic topics

  • How to score well in a test
  • How to gain self-confidence
  • How to choose a major in school

One thing that is common in all these topics is to explain the whole process in steps. Explaining the steps in detail will make it a process essay.

Purpose of Process Essay

The main purpose of a process essay is to make the complicated task easier for your audience. When you write a process essay, you explain everything in detail which makes understanding the process simpler. Always try to write the process in such a way that your audience can follow it easily. In short, the purpose of a process essay is to provide step-by-step guidance to the readers. They follow the instructions and reach their goals. 

Another important purpose of the process essay is promotion. The brands make their writers write content that involves the use of their products. It mostly happens with food brands. Food brands make people write interesting process essays in the form of recipes using their food products. Most of the people who will follow the recipe are inclined to use the product mentioned in the recipe to get the exact result. 

Types of Process Essay

A process essay has two types: directional process essay and informational process essay

Directional process essay

In this type of process essay, you explain the steps of a process or method in detail. The purpose is to provide guidance for a specific task. It contains all the instructions to accomplish a task.

Directional process essays can be written on topics like “how to take care of hardwood floors?’. It is inevitably clear that the essay will contain the detailed steps that you should follow to take care of hardwood floors. It will contain clear instructions that the reader can easily follow to accomplish the goal. 

Informational process essay

In this type of process essay, the steps are explained to inform how a certain task is accomplished but these are not instructions to follow.

Informational process essays are written on topics like ‘how a substance transitions its state from liquid to solid”. In this essay, you will explain the whole process of how it will happen, but this is merely for readers’ information. The reader will get information on how the transition of state will occur, but they do not want to follow the process.

Structure of Process Essay

The structure of the process essay is relatively simpler than the remaining essays. It follows a structure containing the introduction, the body of the essay, and the conclusion. 

  • Introduction

The introduction of the process essay explains the process which is the topic of the essay. It also explains the importance of the topic to readers which acts as a hook to grab readers’ attention to the essay. This should be a creative part of the essay, as it is going to be the source of attracting an audience. This should not be too long rather it should be brief and informative.

  • Body of the essay

The body of a process essay does not follow a specific pattern or number of paragraphs. It can contain any number of paragraphs but should cover everything that a process essay demands. You should explain to your readers what kind of equipment and tools are needed to carry out the task and what resources are important to get these items. You must explain the method of the task in detail explaining all the steps. Skipping the steps will make understanding the process difficult for the audience. You can also follow a format where you can explain every part of the step in a different paragraph. There should also be a paragraph that explains setting the equipment or apparatus. The more detailed your process essay is, the easier it will be for the audience to understand it. You can also include a paragraph of the final product before the conclusion. Adding the qualities or pros of the final product will make a larger audience follow it.

  • Conclusion

In concluding paragraph, you are required to summarize the whole procedure. Concluding paragraphs like introductory paragraphs should not be too long. It should also explain the significance of the process, as it will be the last chance the convincing the audience. End your conclusion with a concluding statement. 

Outline of Process Essay

The outline of the process essay is as follows.


  • Define the process
  • Significance of process
  • Grab the reader’s attention

Main body

  • Equipment and tools
  • Resources
  • Setting apparatus
  • Preparatory steps
  • Steps in detail


  • Summarize the process
  • Importance of process
  • Concluding statement

Steps to Write a Process Essay

The process essay is usually assumed to be an easier form of essay writing. This is true but it imposes a responsibility of making your readers understand the entire procedure. This responsibility requires you to write the process essay in detail and make it as easy to follow as possible. The following are the steps to write a quality process essay, as these steps will prevent you from skipping any step while writing.

Steps to Write Quality Process Essay

Selecting the topic

The first step to begin your writing process is to select a topic for your essay. If you are already assigned the topic, it will make your work a step ahead. If you are not assigned the topic, you will search for a suitable topic first. Try to know what the topic of interest in the current days is and write on it. Make sure to choose an interactive topic for the readers. This is the first and important step, as selecting an interesting topic will instinctively make your essay noteworthy. 


The next step is to move on to the research part. This step is important for your own knowledge and information. Although a process essay requires you to prove your stance to the audience, it does not require any evidence or its source. You will do thorough research on the topic, so you can have much information about it and do not miss any important point while writing.

Follow the outline

Now, you must follow the outline mentioned above. Preparing an outline will help you organize your thoughts. You do not need to write the complete sentences in outline, write phrases and sentence fragments. It is so difficult to remember all the important points you want to include in your essay without preparing an outline. If you skip the outline, you will end up skipping the important points compromising on the quality of the essay.


The final step is to give a proper structure to your thoughts mentioned in the outline. Write incomplete sentences as complete sentences. This step does not take much time, as you have all your thoughts in one place. However, if you had skipped the outline, this step would have been the hardest part because of unorganized ideas. It is hard to extract the information from the storm of ideas in your mind.

Proofreading and editing

The last step is to proofread and edit your essay. You will look for all kinds of mistakes in your essay, the mistakes in the use of grammar, pronouns, punctuation, spellings, and connotations, etc. You will remove these mistakes and read your essay once more. You can also add a few more points at this point. Reading your essay for the final time will give you an idea of how your thoughts are conveyed or if this is the exact way you want to deliver your ideas. After following all these steps, you are good to submit your essay.

Tips to Write a Process Essay

Following all the above steps is important to write a good essay. If you want to learn a few extra tips while writing the process essay, the following is a complete guide for you.

Tips to Write Process Essay

Nature of audience

The most important thing is to consider the nature of your audience. You have to know the interests of the people you are writing the essay for and the age group of these people. This will help you write the content that will interest your audience. You have to use your audience’s interest for selecting the topic of the essay and then for writing the content of the topic. If you are writing a process essay for kids, make sure to use simpler words and easier steps.

Order of essay

You should write your essay chronologically. The order of the process essay matters the most. If you change the order of steps, it will make understanding the essay harder for them. You should keep a special focus on the sequence of steps and write everything in an order that you want your audience to follow.


Clarity matters for the process essay steps. If you explain the steps in a complicated manner, your audience will not be able to follow them. Use simpler words and convey your thoughts clearly to make following these steps simpler for the readers.


Using the appropriate transitions in the process essay will help raise its quality. Use the transitions “consequently”, “as a result”, “after this to give your audience an idea that each of their steps will create an impact.

Careful use of connections

It is important to use connections carefully in the process essay. Most people end up explaining every step by the continuous use of the word “then” which makes the essay boring. Try to use it where necessary.

Avoid numbering the steps

You should avoid numbering the steps. You can place headings instead of numbers. The reason for this is to avoid the audience’s attention diverting from the main essay.

Be watchful of grammar

You should carefully use the grammar. Try using the appropriate pronouns for your sentences. Check for the logical flow in your sentences.

Avoid imperative statements

It is advisable not to use imperative statements while writing a process essay. It gives an impression of ordering your audience to follow the specific step. Avoiding these imperative statements will increase the quality of your essay, as they will raise the interaction level with the text.


Summing up all the ideas, process essays are increasingly being used but it is equally important to learn how to write one. They are not so difficult to write, you just need to have proper guidance. This essay has highlighted almost all the queries about a process essay. If you follow the tips, tricks, outline, and steps to write a process essay, you are good to write one.