The Current Philippine Drug War

The Current Philippine Drug War

The Current Drug War in the Philippines

The current Philippine Drug War is a countrywide crackdown on a vast network of drug dealers and cartels. This series of events began when President Rodrigo Duterte declared war on this social evil. President Duterte ran an election campaign to significantly reduce the number of drug-related crimes that the population had suffered for too long. He vowed to bring down the drug-related crimes of thousands of people during his intense campaign. Davao Death Squads are a group made up of vigilantes who have been assigned the task of cleaning the streets that are rife with drug criminals. Euan McKirdy (2016) says that the president even asked the public to shoot drug criminals resisting arrest. This approach is counterproductive as it could lead to society’s destruction. They believe that if a group is identified and deemed to be the root cause for all the evil, such unbalanced situations will not allow people to have less serious problems and live productive lives.

Fear is Taking Over

This was the first statement by the national government to inform the citizens that it will not spare any drug lords. There is also fear of extrajudicial killings. This is although reports show that vigilantes’ actions and police operations are not in the best place to stop the death toll. According to one citizen, he didn’t know where the most serious threats from vigilantes and police are coming from but he is afraid.

War on a “National Scale”

The Philippines ‘ drug war is gaining more support from the people. According to Pulse Asia’s latest survey, a large number of people trust their new leader in terms of the drug problem in the Philippines. Because they see this crackdown as a positive thing for peace and order in the country, the results of the investigation into the Davao Death Squad killings have been welcomed by the general public (Hincks 2016, 2016). The President is credited by the general public for Davao’s status as one of the safest cities in the world. He enforced discipline by killing hundreds of criminals. Another report suggests that crime incidents have been declining for some time due to the countrywide war on drugs. Robbery, rape, and other crimes are also declining. Methamphetamines, for example, are used extensively in the country. This drug is used in the most widespread way across East Asia, and it has the highest prevalence. A recent survey by the Dangerous Drug Board, DDB revealed that approximately 2 million Filipinos use illegal drugs. The President was not the first to be addicted to drugs. In the context of increasing drug abuse, the words pandemic and “narco-state” were used as euphemisms for the country. Several photographers have published photographs over the past few months showing the many suspect killings being carried out in the name of anti-criminality murders. Paddock, 2016. Some international agencies have stated that extra-judicial executions of drug dealers and other criminals are unacceptable from the point of view of human rights violations. This is because it is unsafe for the safety of the public. The criminals will wage war on the nation, and people will continue to live in fear. People are also afraid of the bloodthirsty attitude of enforcement agencies, which will lead them to nowhere. The wild west style of justice will not provide any comfort.